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Great MSN Money Article: The Psychology of Pricing Your Home to Sell!

by celeste.nunn | July 16th, 2010

Our readers may not know that personal finance is one of my interests…yes, I am one of those boring people that reads PF blogs and columns for fun. I feel like keeping my finances at the forefront and being surrounded (well, surrounded in virtual reality) by a community of people who do the same helps me to stay on track with my goals when I’m tempted to overspend. One of the great benefits of this is that sometimes I get a “reality check” on whether or not the advice that we provide to our clients in the real estate realm is actually fiscally responsible in the personal finance realm…and wouldn’t you know, according to this MSN Money article, it is! This article examines the psychology of pricing and the importance of making a logical, “coldblooded” decision on pricing right out of the gate, rather than making small cuts here and there as you go. Don’t listen to us…let the experts at MSN Money tell you why it’s important.

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